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Tribute Acts - Edinburgh Fringe

Tribute Acts


Video Design


Co Created and performed by Cheryl Gallacher and Tess Seddon
Sound Design and collaboration from Jon McLeod
Video Design by Letty Fox
Lighting Design by Katharine Williams

Everyone wants their dad to be a hero. But what happens when your heroes let you down? Cheryl and Tess couldn’t remember the last proper conversation they had with their socialist dads. So they interviewed them. And filmed it.

In TRIBUTE ACTS, Cheryl and Tess use the footage to try to connect with their dads. And remember the good times. When they used to think that their dads were like Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Pierce Brosnan. Now living as adults in the New Labour aftermath, Cheryl and Tess attempt to resurrect the lost father figures from their childhoods.

TRIBUTE ACTS is a darkly hilarious and boldly honest exploration of father daughter relationships and asks whether our remembered pasts are in fact, a fiction.

Developed with the support of Arc Stockton, Cambridge Junction and Theatre in the Mill, Bradford. 

Supported by Arts Council England, Unity Theatre Trust and the Peggy Ramsay Foundation.

Past performances: Norwich Arts Centre; Cast Doncaster; Sutton Theatres; Arc Stockton; Watch Out Festival, Cambridge Junction; the Marlborough Brighton; mac Birmingham; Theatre in the Mill, Bradford; Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate; Oxford Playhouse; Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter; Colchester Arts Centre; Assembly, Edinburgh; Camden People's Theatre, London.

"Two badass gals boldly using sparkle to ask BIG life questions… a new wave of theatre - frenetic, multigenre, filled with musicality and visuals to mind bend." - GEMMA CAIRNEY, BBC RADIO 1